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X s a v i o R   –   C a l e i d o s c o p e   r e m a s t e r e d !

Five years after the release of “Caleidoscope” (2005) XsavioR releases a new remastered version of the complete album (with 12 tracks plus the Japan bonus track) – done by Daniel Flores at Sound vs. Science together with Mathias Norberg (fall 2010).

It’s now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Wimp and more!

XsavioR is:

Göran Edman – lead vocals
Daniel Flores – drums, vocals
Benny Jansson – guitars, vocals
Mathias Norberg – keyboards
Mathias Garnås – bass

The album was written and produced by XsavioR in 2005
Mixed by Daniel Flores
Pre production and editing by Mathias Norberg
Original master by Mats Lindfors
Digital remastering by Daniel Flores and Mathias Norberg
Cover photo by Jonas Nilsson
Duet on “By the Golden River” by Helen Olofsson
Original album cover by Mattias Norén for ProgArt Media
A/D conversion from tape by Mikael Bergström

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